The (not so) hidden social side of NFTs

NFTs took the internet by storm, and now NFT communities are reshaping the future of marketing.

CryptoPunks has an average trading volume of AUD $3.87 million, the most expensive Cool Cat NFT was sold for $53k, and about 22,000 The Sandbox members (an NFT community) own more than one token from the collection. With such a massive reach, it was just a question of time before brands started using NFTs for marketing purposes. Blindly launching an NFT marketing campaign without a thought-out strategy and just hoping that the rest will fall into place, though, won’t do the cut.

“99% of NFTs actually fail in the first 3 months after their launch.”

Judy Sahay, Founder and Managing Director at Crowd Media Group

But why did that 1% become such booming successes? And how is this related to marketing? Behind every transaction, there is a human. And NFT communities cracked the code of how to use social dynamics to their advantage.

The golden ratio for a successful NFT community

An NFT community is an online group with limited membership that can only be joined when you own at least one NFT from the group’s collection. Their success can be traced back to how NFT communities put three social principles into practice:

#1 Investment leads to emotional commitment. Buying, receiving, or trading – obtaining an NFT will usually require that the person invests at least time and money to secure at least one NFT that will then represent their identity as a personal avatar or profile picture.

#2 Exclusivity enhances demand and value. As the size of the communities is limited to a few thousand tokens available, the demand for some projects can go through the roof. So much so that joining the desired Bored Ape Yacht Club now can throw you back at least $91.4k AUD.

#3 Return powers engagement. Acquiring an NFT (usually through buying) means that you become a shareholder. The more time and energy you invest into the NFT project and its promotion, the more every member will gain – and the profits can reach the millions mark.

The result

All of this together unleashes a marketing power that most brands can only dream about: Thousands of members proactively take up the brand ambassador role and restlessly promote the project through social media. After all, the stronger the NFT project is, the more profitable it is for them. 

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By: Giovanna Silva Altemani


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