What’s the connection between NFTs and the metaverse?

NFTs and the metaverse, two hot topics, what’s the link?

In the metaverse, we use avatars to represent ourselves, communicate and build our community virtually. Since the birth of the metaverse concept, many other ideas have come to life such as digital currency, virtual travel, or extended reality. The metaverse is a digital universe that will broaden our horizons to a much more interactive and heavily promoted alternate reality.

An NFT or a non fungible token can be defined as a unique digital identifier which can’t be replaced or exchanged for something of similar value. It can be anything from a digital trading card to a song, an artwork or a tweet.

“What’s cool about NFT? It’s permissionless. Its digital ownership. It’s programmable. And it’s a lot of fun.” said String Nguyen, CEO of Chubbiverse, one of Australia’s most successful NFT projects.

String Nguyen speaking at Fintech21 Melbourne

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String shared her tip to market NFTs at Fintech21 back in May 2022

What’s the potential of NFTs in the metaverse?

It’s been argued that NFTs have become expensive due to their connection to the metaverse. Though NFT is a relatively fresh concept, the metaverse always exists in-game and 3D spaces. So what exactly is the role and the potential of NFTs in this virtual universe namely metaverse? Find out the answer at Fintech22 Forum.

Scheduled on 30 November – 1 December 2022 at Sydney SMC Conference Centre, Fintech22 showcases Australia’s leading FinTech products, services and firms, and features industry panels and engaging keynotes presented by industry experts, CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs and executives of major blockchain and fintech companies.

Day 1, Session 5 of Fintech22 Sydney

Metaverse and NFTs topics that will be covered at Fintech22 Forum include: The Future of Web3, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Introduction to NFTs, Marketing in the Metaverse, Crypto Crime and Theft Prevention, Emerging Tech and Cybersecurity, and many more.

Attend FINTECH22 Sydney to:

  1. Hear from FinTech experts and learn how business innovations can elevate and grow your business
  2. Create new connections with major players and thought-leaders within the industry
  3. Network within the fintech, blockchain and crypto communities
  4. Build upon existing connections with top decision makers

Don’t miss out on what the future holds for you and join us at Fintech22 Sydney Masonic Centre on 30 Nov-1 Dec, 2022


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