Is gamification the next move for fintech companies?

The rules of the financial industry game have changed and now newly emerging financial businesses have to think outside of the box to rise above their competitors and win as many loyal customers as possible. But is fintech gamification the way?

What is gamification in fintech?

Fintech gamification means assimilating gaming elements and mechanics into a non-game, fintech platform. Think, for example, a game in which you earn rewards depending on where you shop, such as unlocking new features when proving your industry knowledge, and gaining points when you save money. The most exciting part? All of this based on your actions in the real world.

Does fintech gamification work?

Yes! It can work because the principles behind gamification are rooted in human psychology. People naturally tend to desire to overcome challenges, win competitions and feel accomplished. Including game elements into a fintech platform prompts the customer experience to become more immersive, engaging and overall positive.

In a world where half of the people perceive their relationship with their financial institution as lacking emotional attachment and not rewarding or fun, according to the ‘Voice of the Customer’ survey, creating engaging and rewarding customer experiences through gamification might be the key to unlocking customer loyalty.

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By: Giovanna Silva Altemani

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