Is crypto the future of money?

I see cryptocurrency as everything that money is, but plus more. It’s electronic, it’s global, it’s transparent, decentralized, and it’s smart.

Jess Renden, CEO of Cointree

According to Finder, the crypto ownership rate in Australia was 23%, which topped the global average of 15%, as of September 2022. Crypto has come a long way since its first launch in 2009.

Whilst speaking at the Fintech21 conference in Melbourne in May 2022, Jess Renden, the CEO of Australian crypto exchange Cointree, shared her hopes for crypto mass adoption in the future. She says the space has progressed hugely, adding how “it’s actually really easy to trade, really easy to get into it. It’s not scary. And everyone can do it.”

Jess Renden, CEO of Cointree speaking at Fintech21 Melbourne

With the rise in value, number, functionality and adoption of cryptocurrencies, crypto will play a greater role in our personal lives, corporate treasuries and the financial markets generally.

Will crypto replace money entirely?

We have cryptocurrency as digital money, crypto-assets as digital objects which can be owned such as artwork, and also crypto wallet as a device to store keys to your crypto transactions. Money is trusted and regulated by the government but crypto is on the way to a more regulated space as well. With cash and coin being seen less in trading activities, is crypto the future of money? Find out the answer at Fintech22.

Scheduled on 30 November – 1 December 2022 at Sydney SMC Conference Centre, Fintech22 showcases Australia’s leading FinTech products, services and firms, and features industry panels and engaging keynotes presented by industry experts, CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs and executives of major blockchain and fintech companies.

Missed Fintech21? Don’t panic, Jess Renden is coming back for Fintech22

Fintech22’s Crypto Exchanges panel

This time, we’ll hear about cryptocurrency exchanges and the role of exchanges and investments in the wider financial market in depth, with the participation of speakers from leading crypto trading platforms and companies.

Other high-profile speakers at Fintech22 include

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  2. Create new connections with major players and thought-leaders within the industry
  3. Network within the fintech, blockchain and crypto communities
  4. Build upon existing connections with top decision-makers

Don’t miss out on what the future holds for you and join us at Fintech22 Sydney Masonic Centre on 30 Nov-1 Dec, 2022


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