Session 8 – The future of talent in emerging tech

Disruptive technology and a massive shift in the way talent acquisition functions is happening. HR leaders need to be able to understand this change and also adapt their existing business practices to incorporate emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and other cognitive computing tools into their daily operations.

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Session 4 – The future of money

Money and finance are undergoing tremendous changes that will affect their roles in the lives of ordinary people. From the end of cash to the rise of cryptocurrencies, how this change will transform economies?

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Session 15 – Examining the NFT craze

The NFT market or NFT craze hit the world by a storm with major fashion brands, sport teams and celebrities jumping on the trend. In 2021, the NFT craze turned out to be a $2 billion market. But with NFT trading volume will land around $500 million in September 2022, a 15-month low where is the NFT market going? Hear from NFT creators themselves about this unique market and what to expect in the years to come.

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