New data reveals 10 countries with the biggest crypto property market

New data has revealed the countries with the most properties available to purchase with crypto – and Australia ranks 35th.

Buying property with crypto has seen a 25% surge in interest over the past year.

New research by Forex Suggest analysed global property listings that are able to be purchased with cryptocurrencies to discover the countries with the most prevalence of crypto properties and what average prices are.

The countries with the most crypto properties:

Rank & total crypto properties

  1. Spain: 289
  2. Thailand: 227
  3. Portugal: 130
  4. United Arab Emirates: 128
  5. Montenegro: 110
  6. Mexico: 89
  7. United States: 80
  8. United Kingdom: 66
  9. Turkey: 57
  10. El Salvador: 39


Spain is the country with the highest number of crypto properties available at 289. Villas in and around the cities of Alicante and Marbella are easy to come by for crypto buyers, as are apartments in the more northerly city of Barcelona.


Thailand is the country with the second most crypto properties available with a total of 227. The popular islands of Phuket and Koh Samui have some of the higher concentrations of properties available for purchase with cryptocurrency.


The country with the third most properties available for purchase with crypto is Portugal, where there is a total of 130. The greatest share of Portuguese crypto properties can be found in the capital, Lisbon, as well as the historic city of Porto, which is the second largest city in the country.

Further study insights:

*       Australia has one of the lowest number of crypto properties with 1 property, worth $1,130,220 or ₿49.87.

*       Canada has the most expensive crypto properties in our study, with an average listed price of ₿248.30, or $5,715,102. This is followed by the USA with average prices of ₿112.07 or $2,540,100.

*       The Philippines is the country where crypto properties are the cheapest. The average listed price in the country is ₿15.46, or $350,500. This is followed by Mexico with average prices of ₿23.54 or $541,400.


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