Tanggram launches crowd-sourced funding to help users grow their personal wealth

OCTOBER 2022: Tanggram has publicly launched its crowd-sourced funding campaign on Australia’s leading crowdfunding platform Birchal. The company’s mission is to use innovative technologies to make personal wealth management easier and more accessible for everyday people and improve their financial well-being.

Nick Tang, the founder of Tanggram started the company after working in the financial advisory and personal wealth management services industry for more than 10 years. He realized there isn’t an all-rounder solution in the market that allows anyone of any age to invest with ease. Barriers to entry eg. the high funding threshold, the overly complicated application process, and the stringent ‘finance feel’ often discourage people from stepping into the world of investing.

“Living in an era bombarded with consumerism and advertisements and the constantly increasing inflation rate and living expenses. Bills, mortgage payments, tuition, car loans… sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming and unbearable. We want everyone to be financially fit. That is to develop good spending habits and learn to start accumulating and growing their personal wealth.” Nick said.

With Tanggram’s reliable investment options, low minimum investment requirements, elegant UI that creates a ‘non-financy’ vibe, and a shopping reward system that lets its users earn rewards from shopping at its 300+ collaborating merchants and use the accumulated rewards to boost their investment portfolios. Its users could steadily grow their wealth from daily activities and stay financially fit.

Over the 2021 financial year, Tanggram has accomplished many milestones including reaching 10,000 registered users, surpassing $15 million in funds under management (FUM), and announcing its sustainability-focused superannuation option.  Its accomplishments have also been validated by winning multiple awards and nominations including the 2022 Good Design Awards, and the winner of the Best Workplace Diversity and Excellence in Wealth Management nomination at Finnies 22.

“This is only the beginning of our journey, we are highly motivated to achieve rapid growth this financial year with the plan of introducing more attractive investment options to our users, collaborating with more brands and merchants, integrating more technologies to enhance user experience, ASEAN market expansion is also on the radar.” Nick said.

Earlier this year, Tanggram completed a $1 million funding round with Aqueduct Venture. Providing the company with the necessary capital to further develop the app and connecting with useful business resources to enhance app features. This crowd-sourced funding round on 18 October will be its 2nd large-scale funding round with a target of $ 2 million.

Source: Fintech Australia

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