Cryptocurrency – Everything that money is, but plus more

cryptocurrency is a digital representation of value that, unlike traditional money, isn’t issued by any central bank or agency. Cryptocurrencies are powered by blockchain technology, which allows the exchange of virtual coins like bitcoin and ether.

Since crypto first emerged in 2009, it has evolved significantly and evoked various related concerns including rules and regulation, crime and theft, power consumption, social change, and naturally, what the future looks like for money.

John Bassilios Partner, Fund Management & Blockchain at Hall & Wilcox – A speaker at Fintech21 Melbourne

Scheduled on 30 November – 1 December 2022 at Sydney SMC Conference Centre, FINTECH22 showcases Australia’s leading FinTech products, services and firms, and features industry panels and engaging keynotes presented by industry experts, CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs and executives of major blockchain and fintech companies.

Cryptocurrency is a key and repeating subject that will be presented at FINTECH22 Forum Sessions by a range of speakers:

Maximilian Marenbach, Head of Platform Operations, Kraken
Jackson Zeng
CEO, Caleb & Brown
Natalie Hill, Brand Partnerships & Marketing Manager, CoinJar
Andrew Collins
Co-Founder & CEO,
Rose MacDonald, Co-Founder/ Director,

Topics which will be covered at FINTECH22 Forum include The Future of Web3, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Introduction to NFTs, Marketing in the Metaverse, Crypto Crime and Theft Prevention, Emerging Tech and Cybersecurity, and more.

Fintech21 in Melbourne May

Attend FINTECH22 Sydney to:

  1. Hear from FinTech experts and learn how business innovations can elevate and grow your business
  2. Create new connections with major players and thought-leaders within the industry
  3. Network within the fintech, blockchain and crypto communities
  4. Build upon existing connections with top decision makers

Don’t miss out on what the future holds for you and join us at FINTECH22 SMC Conference Centre, Sydney on 30 Nov-1 Dec, 2022


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