Blockchain unicorn births record a 50% decline in the second quarter of 2022

According to, the number of new blockchain unicorns in the second quarter dropped by 50% from a previous high of 16 to 8. The value of the most valuable blockchain unicorn birth, Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin was $10bn.

Web3 startups made up half of all new blockchain unicorns born in the second quarter.

CryptoMonday CEO Jonathan Merry says,

“The overall market conditions in the second quarter were not as favorable for new blockchain unicorns to be born as they were in the first quarter. We expect the number of new unicorn births to pick up in the second half of the year as more institutional investors enter the space and as more mainstream companies adopt blockchain technology.”

Crypto Market Dip

The decline in new blockchain unicorn births may be due to the current bear market in the cryptocurrency space. Since the first quarter of 2022, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has declined by over 50%. This has led to a decline in funding for blockchain and cryptocurrency startups.

In such a tough market, it is harder for new projects to raise money and reach the billion-dollar valuation needed to be considered a unicorn. However, there are still a few bright spots in the cryptocurrency space.

A Prediction That Is Too Optimistic

Despite the current market conditions, some bullish investors are still in the space. Tim Draper, a well-known venture capitalist, recently said that he believes The Bitcoin Price will reach $250,000 by 2022. 

However, many people in the space believe Draper’s prediction is too optimistic. They argue that the conditions needed for such a price increase do not exist currently. Crypto enthusiasts will have to wait and see if Draper’s prediction comes true.

The Future of Blockchain Unicorns

It is still too early to tell how the current market conditions will affect the future of blockchain unicorns. However, it is clear that the market is volatile, and the number of new unicorn births can fluctuate greatly from quarter to quarter. Full story and statistics can be found here: Blockchain Unicorn Births Record a 50% Decline in the Second Quarter of 2022

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