Digital Twin Victoria to unlock the state’s data-driven potential

The Andrews Labor Government is revolutionising the way we plan, manage and build our state – launching Digital Twin Victoria – a digital replica of the state, creating an easier and more efficient planning and building process.

The recently launched Digital Twin Victoria platform was built in partnership with Australia’s National Science Agency CSIRO as part of the Labor Government’s $37.4 million program.

Digital twin connects masses of data and information to create 2D, 3D and live data versions of the real world – with detail on buildings, roads, infrastructure, farmland and natural environments.

This brings together more than 4000 local, state and national datasets making them accessible to everyday Victorians for small and large projects.

The platform can be used for state-significant planning and infrastructure projects to visualise data, investigate the feasibility of proposals – identifying issues before shovels hit the ground, saving time and money.

Digital Twin Victoria will allow the industry to leave behind manual, labour-intensive paper-based ways of working and build the digital skills needed to support a more sustainable industry.

As well as design efficiencies, it will allow the planning and building industries to virtually manage a development precinct or project area and model things like overshadowing and underground utilities prior to development.

The platform will also help fast-track planning for cities and regions with councils able to bring data together including things like 3D models, vegetation, population statistics and local sensor data.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Planning Lizzie Blandthorn

“Digital Twin Victoria will help us build stronger, smarter, and more resilient towns and cities, better protect our environment and be better equipped to plan for emergencies.”

“This is a big step for Victoria’s digital future, harnessing new technology to drive efficiency, bolster our economic revival and guide our state’s long-term growth.”

Quotes attributable to Professor Jon Whittle, Director of CSIRO’s Data61

“The Digital Twin Victoria platform will bring data to life, from visualising real-time renewable power generation and flood spread monitoring, to understanding Australian fur seal migration and mapping vegetation density.”

“The ability to easily see, compare and share this information is essential to building resilience and successfully adapting to change. CSIRO is proud to partner with the Victorian Government to unlock its data-driven potential.”

Source: Premier of Victoria

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