Will automation replace your firm?

Australians are enthusiastic adopters of new technology. Backed by over A$69 billion in grants and incentives, Australian fintechs are in for a wealth of opportunities.

While most of the industry is in the experimentation phase, and many haven’t even got started, there is no question that AI will be the most disruptive technology in the next 10 years. Everywhere we look, there is technology disrupting traditional industries and creating new ones. It doesn’t matter if you are in the health industry, finance or retail – the impact of change on your business will be significant. Each industry has evolved faster than ever before, fueled by advances in technology and automation.

As early adopters of technologies, it’s truly an exciting time for Australian fintechs.

Scheduled on 30 November – 1 December 2022 at Sydney SMC Conference Centre, FINTECH22 showcases Australia’s leading FinTech products, services and firms, and features industry panels and engaging keynotes presented by industry experts, CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs and executives of major blockchain and fintech companies.

Hear from FinTech experts and find out the answer to the very question of “Will automation replace your firm?” at FINTECH22 Forum Sessions.

FINTECH22 Forum Sessions

Over a 2-Day program hear directly from CEOs, founders, thought-leaders, C-levels, industry experts and senior govt. officials of major blockchain, crypto and fintech companies.


You may often hear blockchain and cryptocurrency together. As two distinctively different technologies, they are however inherently intertwined. But how?

SESSION 1: What is Blockchain Technology? Everything you need to know about Blockchain’s origins and future

SESSION 2: Cryptocurrency 101

SESSION 3: Cryptocurrency Exchanges

SESSION 4: Introduction to NFT

SESSION 5: NFTs and Crypto in the Metaverse

SESSION 6: Marketing in the Metaverse

SESSION 7: Welcome to the Blockchain-based Metaverse

SESSION 8: Industry outlook; the future of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) – Is it Doom and Gloom?

SESSION 9: Crypto Crime and Theft prevention

SESSION 10: Emerging Tech and Cybersecurity; current trends and the future of blockchain security

SESSION 11: Crypto, Finance and Taxes

SESSION 12: Blockchain Technology – Use cases

SESSION 13: The Future of Gaming

SESSION 14: 2023 and beyond


Emerging technology adoption is accelerating, resulting in the need for leaders to embrace new potentials to turn new technologies into competitive advantages.

SESSION 1: The state of play – What is the Future of Fintech

SESSION 2: Open – Challenger finance – What’s the shake up?

SESSION 3: The future of talent in Emerging Tech

SESSION 4: Killer apps – What’s disrupting the financial space?

SESSION 5: How to scale an Emerging Tech startup?

SESSION 6: AI – Evolution of Automation

SESSION 7: Sextech

SESSION 8: Financial Crime trends & Regtech

SESSION 9: Digital Identity- who owns my data?

SESSION 10: Social Media – Friend or Foe?

SESSION 11: The impact of Big Data on brands – Business Intelligence

SESSION 12: How are developing countries harnessing new technologies?

SESSION 13: How Oxfam mobilised Payments?

SESSION 14: Gamifying the future – how gaming can be used to grow your market share

Attend FINTECH22 Sydney to:

  1. Hear from FinTech experts and learn how business innovations can elevate and grow your business
  2. Create new connections with major players and thought-leaders within the industry
  3. Network within the fintech, blockchain and crypto communities
  4. Build upon existing connections with top decision makers

Don’t miss out on what the future holds for you and join us at FINTECH22 SMC Conference Centre, Sydney.

Visit https://fintechshowcase.com.au/tickets/


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