GoCardless: Revolutionising global payments with open banking

GoCardless is a global fintech firm founded in the UK, offering innovative digital bank-to-bank payment solutions. The company entered Australia in 2018 and has clocked impressive growth within a short period, among small businesses and large enterprises. 

In this case study, Luke Fosset, Director, GoCardless, Australia & New Zealand discusses the company’s journey so far, including: 

  • The company’s operating model and global success
  • The opportunities for global fintech firms in Australia 
  • The role of Austrade as a facilitator. 

Revolutionising global payments with open banking from Australia

GoCardless is on a mission to help businesses with recurring revenue manage their receivables by enabling bank-to-bank debit.  

The company helps customers improve their cash flow by automating administrative tasks and payment reconciliation across billing platforms. Besides lowering failure rates to as little as 0.5%, GoCardless helps customers bypass high transaction fees levied on debit and credit card payments. 

‘Our solutions allow customers to save costs, and merchants to reduce involuntary churn by decreasing payment failures,’ says Fosset. ‘Combined with enhanced and seamless cash flow, GoCardless is committed to helping large and small businesses in Australia deal with delayed payments.’ 

GoCardless currently has over 70,000 business customers across the UK, US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It processes $30 billion in transactions every year.

Finding roots and scaling-up in Australia

GoCardless has strengthened its presence in the Australian market within a short period of three years. ‘Despite a challenging 2020, we have reported a massive growth in revenue and an exponential growth in headcount,’ says Fosset.  

‘Additionally, as Australian companies realise the benefits of bank-to-bank debit, businesses of all shapes and sizes see the value in a cost-effective, seamless, and reliable payments system. As a result, we are also witnessing an uptick in active merchants on our platform and customer sign-ups. This has helped us scale up effectively.’ 

Helping Australian businesses go global

According to a recent research report, delayed payments are a major financial pain for Australian small and medium businesses (SMBs).  

‘Addressing this delay with solutions like ours could effectively transfer $7 billion in capital to SMBs thus reducing their financing costs and encouraging them to invest,’ says Fosset. 

‘Moreover, our bank-to-bank debit solutions and borderless payments enable Australian companies to operate on a global scale and tap opportunities across the world,’ he adds. 

Austrade’s overseas outreach and engagement to invite global fintech firms

Austrade invited GoCardless to participate in the 2018 edition of the UK/AU Fintech Bridge Mission. The company and its products were introduced to several Australian contacts at the flagship event, including industry bodies such as AusPayNet. 

‘The regulatory and operational environment in the fintech space can be quite complicated to navigate,’ says Fosset. ‘The introductions Austrade made at various points helped us get a better understanding of the market, and paved the way for our Australia entry within a year of the first meeting,’ he adds. 

Austrade helps with market entry and launch in Australia

Prior to the formal launch, Austrade helped GoCardless with their two-month-long reconnaissance mission. Fosset says that Austrade also assisted in securing a temporary co-working space at Stone & Chalk in Sydney for the duration. 

‘When we were ready for our Australia launch in 2018, Austrade was a great resource for advice on several aspects – from where to launch, to informing us about availability of various government grants,’ he says. ‘Austrade also hosted local events and facilitated introductions.’ 

Source: Austrade

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