Top 10 trailblazing Aussie fintech startups

FinTech startups are changing the competitive landscape and have led us to reconsider the role of finance, more as an enabler than just a provider of financial products and services. They are driving market changes by focusing on emergent technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, biometrics and identity management, chatbots and natural language searches.

1. Airwallex:

A payments platform transforming the way businesses move and manage money globally. It is a cross-border payment and foreign exchange platform designed to make and receive international payments.

2. Timelio:

An online marketplace that facilitates businesses to raise working capital. The company’s peer-to-peer invoice finance software platform allows entrepreneurs to increase funding for their enterprises by selling their customer invoices to a network of investors.

3. Brighte:

An end-to-end automated digital platform that facilitates interest-free payments on home energy and improvements. The startup’s platform focuses on funding renewable consumer energy and home improvements, enabling homeowners to access the latest innovations in energy sources like solar and battery storage.

4. Athena:

A digital home lending platform that connects wholesale funds to prime Australian mortgage borrowers in a highly efficient manner.

5. Zeller:

Enables business owners to accept payments, manage their finances, and pay recipients fast. The company’s platform helps manage cash flow and has direct connectivity with the bank account for easy transfer of funds, enabling businesses to do simple bookkeeping and fund transfers.


A business lending platform that provides a smarter way to borrow. The startup’s platform offers three-month interest-free buy-now-pay-later credit. Credit is processed quicker; the terms are kept simple and transparent as well as low rates of interest are charged on longer-term loans.

7. Uno:

An online marketplace that offers customized home loans and mortgage plans. The startup’s marketplace guides through the loan-application process via a team of financial experts.

8. InDebted:

Provides debt collection services designed to offer tailored debt management tools. Its platform leverages machine learning to understand consumer preferences for servicing overdue accounts and provides application programming interfaces (APIs) to link to customer account systems, enabling small and medium businesses to get flexible payment options.

9. Lumi:

An online financial platform that offers small business loans for enterprises. Its platform uses augmenting traditional credit data to combine API accessibility with rich data sources, empowering applicants to service a loan with approval in less than an hour. 10. Alex Bank: An online neo banking platform that facilitates money management. The startup’s platform provides personal loans with no ongoing fees, paperwork and no early repayment services to its customers.


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