Why is crypto marketing such a mess?

The state of crypto marketing is a joke. As innovative as blockchain development may be – cryptocurrency advertising is still very much in the dark ages, with marketing models of yester-year still actively used. There’s arguably more rugs in crypto marketing than on the BSC.

What do I mean by that? Well, a heavy imbalance in the favour of Fiverr specialists and ‘Guerilla Marketing’ firms, as opposed to trained specialists.

That is the inherent objective of Coinpresso. To provide genuine marketing expertise to an area that lacks it in a big way, and set a new standard of Crypto Search.

Why is it a mess?

Well, as with anything where there’s a lack of expertise – it’s due to a lack of experts. Sounds pretty obvious, but stay with me here.

What that has paved the way for is an industry as innovative as Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, still very much in the 2000’s with advertising models that are being adopted. The current industry standard is to ‘do PR’ – with no mind for the legacy effect as to that content, how it’s optimised, and how it will be used to continuously drive traffic – as opposed to just the article content itself.

Because that’s what Crypto PR agents in the space do now. They take your money and publish as many articles as possible, as that’s where they make the most margin. Every single article you publish with a PR firm will have a margin on the costs of publishing, just for them acting as an intermediary for your content. It’s in their interest to publish articles on mass, as every single one adds to the margin on you as a client.

The levels of brainwashing that has gone on here to substantiate that quantity is better, is actually a stark reminder as to the imbalance of knowledge on quality content in this vertical.

Quantity is not better.

Quality is better. Structured content is better. Creating a legacy effect of that content past the publishing of the article itself – is better. Creating a crypto search strategy that makes it easier for crawlers to find your articles and landing pages – is incandescently better.

This is how you create quality content, so why is there a huge lack of focus within the crypto industry on quality? Because, PR agents typically prefer to take your money as opposed to educating you on the difference. It’s not in their interest for you to know as it would affect their profits.

Why is Coinpresso Different?

Well, despite having only just taken our service to market, Coinpresso is a Crypto Advertising Agency created by specialists. We have over 25 years combined digital marketing experience, with all of our specialists holding experience at the world’s leading Digital Marketing Agencies.

Our Crypto SEO team is undeniably the best in this space. Our copywriting team has knowledge of the crypto space required to attract the ideal end user. Combining those two skill-sets allows us to create optimised content that not only helps your off-page readership (PR, blogs, Guest Posts) but also increases equity and traffic to your on-page content such as your landing pages.

We Analyse and Create All Content Types

This is a really important point. We look at ALL of your content.

Where is it published? What’s its purpose? How will it continue to provide value to your site with the links we have built? Can we rank for keywords to increase traffic of content across search engines?

I have conducted a fair amount of Market Research as to the current playing field of crypto PR/marketing agencies – and nobody is asking the same questions as us.

Nobody is getting as granular as us, and nobody understands Search Engines and Traffic Value like we do.

A huge statement, but our results in just 2 months of working with clients in this space have been incredible. Because we trust the process, and what we have spent the last combined 25 years learning, of which we are now in turn applying to Crypto Search, whilst utilising our knowledge as traders of crypto.

Creating a content strategy is exactly that. A strategy.

It must be on-page, off-page, and optimised in line with effective keyword research with a mixture of volume, but also narrowed search intent.

We Deliver on What We Say We Will

I am of course biased, but nobody is attempting to adopt click-funnels and genuine content strategies to the Cryptocurrency vertical like we are.

That’s why we are the only specialists in this vertical.

No BS branding based on botted followers and singing acapellas on Twitter, just proper, honest Digital Marketing, applied to the cryptocurrency vertical.

I encourage anybody to take us on in terms of knowledge of Marketing. SEO, PPC, Content – you name it. We are in a different league in terms of the expertise we possess, and the results we can achieve cross-platform.

Hear Us Out!

If I’ve irked your interest – then hear us out! We offer a free 1 Hour Strategy session for every Crypto project to look at your website and content strategies. This isn’t a sales pitch in disguise. This is a holistic overview of your marketing goals, your roadmap objectives and how content should be aligned – and how we can drive traffic to those propositions.

We also provide qualitative market research before you go ahead with anything, so you have an idea as to where your proposition sits now, and what your competitors are doing. We will also conduct analysis on your site

If you’re tired of how crypto marketing is being carried out – then come talk to the pros. Contact us today to find out more on how Coinpresso can supercharge your Crypto traffic!

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