Session 11 – Marketing in Web3

We’re now at the beginning of another new era – web 3. While it’s still early, and there is no roadmap for success, web 3 will change the way we operate, market and engage. Learn they key differences between marketing in web 2 and web 3.

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Session 5 – Global trends in fintech and blockchain

Investment NSW providing support to NSW founders looking to scale – discussing the tech services team and how we provide free, confidential support to tech founders from NSW. Also we are running a number of free Going global programs to the US and UK over the next year covering SAAS and Fintech/Cyber.

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Session 4 – Addressing crypto industry issues by rethinking crypto coins

The time is right for a total rethink of how Crypto can work. Zucoins is a revolutionary peer to peer next-generation cryptocurrency that is just exiting stealth mode. The Zucoins team believe they have solved a number of industry issues that address well publicised challenges in the industry.

Zucoins is a native exchange token on the ground-breaking layer-1 SplitChain network. The SplitChain network propagates and returns cached information across network nodes allowing users to perform transaction validation amongst themselves. No miners, no staking, no fees, and transactions are 2-way with built in two-factor authentication and occur in real-time.

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