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- 2022 Fintech Showcase -

Helping people make better decisions with data driven business insight.

LENSELL® is a Global Platform for Corporate Performance Democratisation.

We are set to improve corporate transparency in business and investment transactions, and to democratise access to corporate performance - be it financial or non-financial.

LENSELL’s clever capabilities remove the cost and complexity of preparing and accessing corporate performance information, making it available to more people - faster and more efficiently, so they can make better informed decisions with confidence.

On LENSELL®, companies have access to tools and services to disclose their financial and ESG performance using open source international standards such as XBRL. Digital performance data is made available online in minutes, boosting companies' discoverability on the financial markets by millions of potential equity investors around the world.

We also help companies stay compliant and improve transparency in all business transactions, with LEI.

To self-directed investors , financial advisors and other stakeholders, LENSELL® provides a suite of applications that make access to financial and non-financial corporate performance insights quick, easy and very affordable. Users get access to company financials directly in Excel, smart sustainability applications and intelligent portfolio planning tools.

Website: lensell.online


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