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DeFi Link

- 2022 Fintech Showcase -

A Global Hub For People & Enterprises to Transact, Invest, & Earn On The Blockchain.

DeFi Link Ecosystem Development

Crowd Funding

Investors are able to invest in businesses or projects worldwide in fractional shares. The Blockchain enables borderless connection between those looking to invest, and those seeking investment.


Fractionalization allows investments to become more accessible, eliminating the high minimum capital requirements of investing. The average person can now invest a small percentage of the overall project or business.


Suppliers of assets are pooled together and connected with a shared pool of borrowers, secured through the blockchain, to automatically and evenly mitigate risks and supply consistent returns.


A wide range of projects and businesses are available on the platform for you to vote for, invest in, and earn high returns.

DeFi Link Platform


Earn interest on your assets. Up to 13% P.A. on USDT, and up to 35% P.A. on bitcoin and altcoins... Much higher returns than typical savings in banks.


Buy, sell or swap blockchain tokens or cryptocurrencies directly within the platform.


Launch your own project or business on the platform, with your very own Blockchain Tokens, and community crowd funding.


Vote for and invest in projects and businesses that are launched on the platform. Own a stake of that asset, and earn dividends just like you would through traditional public traded shares in companies.

Get Paid

Businesses and Consumers can send or collect payments for their products, directly deposited into their wallet or bank account.


Instantly loan stablecoins or other tokens on the platform, from as low as 3% interest.

Website: defilink.tech


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