Session 5 – Global trends in fintech and blockchain

Investment NSW providing support to NSW founders looking to scale – discussing the tech services team and how we provide free, confidential support to tech founders from NSW. Also we are running a number of free Going global programs to the US and UK over the next year covering SAAS and Fintech/Cyber.

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Session 8 – The future of talent in emerging tech

Disruptive technology and a massive shift in the way talent acquisition functions is happening. HR leaders need to be able to understand this change and also adapt their existing business practices to incorporate emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and other cognitive computing tools into their daily operations.

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Session 10 – The Creator Economy: a new dawn for the Web

The creator economy is a new model for content creation and distribution that puts power back in the hands of creators. Through the use of new technologies like NFTs and DAOs, creators can now own and govern the platforms they engage with, rather than being at the mercy of centralized platforms. This shift could have a profound impact on the way we interact with the web, and could lead to a more democratic and open internet for independent creatives.

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