How Melbourne is supporting the transition to electric vehicles

The City of Melbourne’s Transport Strategy 2030 supports a transition to electric vehicles powered by renewable energy.

​To complement the strategy, we are currently developing a plan to encourage low-emissions vehicles, which will include consideration of electric vehicle charging.  Find out how we are supporting this initiative below.

What is the City of Melbourne doing?

​Our Transport Strategy 2030 (p. 98-100) supports charging of electric vehicles in buildings and minimising on-street charging.

On-street charging is not supported in the central city, where the demand for space is very high. The number of parking bays is reducing and there is already a large supply of off-street parking spaces. However, outside the CBD it may not always be possible to install off-street charging facilities, therefore on-street charging may be appropriate in areas with limited off-street parking.

It may be considered in locations where there is no viable alternative and space allows, such as in certain residential parking permit areas. Where installed, on-street vehicle-charging facilities will be paid for by users and should not affect other uses of the street.

The City of Melbourne is in the process of determining the locations where on-street charging may be appropriate.

We have installed 12 chargers at the new Queen Victoria Market underground car park. We will investigate installing charging stations in the small number of other off-street car parks we manage.

Where can I find a public charging station?

​The City of Melbourne has the densest network of electric vehicle charging stations in Victoria, including 12 chargers at the new Queen Victoria Market underground car park. Chargers are in locations such as shopping centres, supermarkets, hotels, off-street car parks and petrol stations. For a full list, visit the EV Council website.

Thinking of buying an electric vehicle?

​The Victorian Government is currently offering a $3000 subsidy for all new zero-emissions vehicles purchased. For more information and eligibility visit Zero Emissions Vehicle Subsidy.

Where can I find more information about electric vehicles?

Interested in electric vehicles and learning more about Australia’s role in the EV transition? Join us at MEVS – Melbourne’s first EV tradeshow Sep 22-24, 2023. Tickets on sale now.

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