Australia’s 2023 LawTech Hub announced, focused on AI

May 2023

Australia’s LawTech Hub unveils 2023 cohort with AI as the driving theme

  • Australian and Silicon Valley-based legal tech startups and scaleups join the LawTech Hub by Lander & Rogers for its 2023 program.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is highlighted as a key area of focus for participants.

Award-winning Australian law firm Lander & Rogers welcomes sixth cohort to its globally lauded LawTech Hub.

The LawTech Hub by Lander & Rogers has announced its new cohort for 2023, following a selection process that saw applications from innovative legal tech startups and scaleups across the globe. From Melbourne to Brussels, and Silicon Valley to Dubai, the applicants all share a common goal of transforming the legal industry through technology with a focus on AI.

Under the leadership of chief executive partner, Genevieve Collins, AI has been at the forefront of the firm since she took on the role in 2018. A strong advocate of legal tech and innovation, Ms Collins recognises AI as “an opportunity, not a risk”. Lander & Rogers has been using AI for several years for due diligence, contract reviewing, e-discovery and research. Exploring AI technology further over the next six months through the LawTech Hub will enable Lander & Rogers to take advantage of this rapidly developing technology. The opportunity to trial new platforms will enhance efficiency and productivity, and elevate service delivery to clients.

Five legal tech companies have been selected to participate in the sixth cohort of the LawTech Hub where they will further refine their products over the six-month period. The program offers a unique prospect for participants to pilot their products within the firm while receiving real-time feedback, as well as connecting with Lander & Rogers’ large global network and accessing legal expertise.

Genevieve Collins, chief executive partner of Lander & Rogers said, “It is a pleasure to welcome this year’s cohort to our LawTech Hub program. I am very excited about the potential of large language models and how they can enhance our efficient delivery of service to our clients. With the focus of our new cohort on AI, we anticipate being able to explore and experiment with new solutions that will help shape the Australian and global legal landscape into the future.

“It’s a privilege for Lander & Rogers to provide a collaborative space for these exceptional startups and scaleups to iterate their products and effect real change.”

The following five residents will join the LawTech Hub by Lander & Rogers for the 2023 program:

  1. Deeligence (Melbourne) streamlines the delivery of due diligence with automated processes and modern workflow tools. The platform is a central source of truth on M&A document review.
  2. Disclosure Ready (Melbourne) employs AI to streamline and optimise the way legal professionals handle documents, helping lawyers focus on core responsibilities such as delivering high-quality legal services and achieving better outcomes for clients.
  3. Halisok (Brisbane) specialises in the use of AI and machine learning to extract information from unstructured data. The Halisok platform allows users to apply the latest machine learning technology from Google, OpenAI and AWS to any email, Word or PDF document.
  4. My Life Capsule (Melbourne) speeds up client onboarding and data exchange, reduces administration and mitigates corporate security risks. The startup provides ultra-secure digital vaults for data and file sharing for efficient management of confidential information.
  5. Oddr (Silicon Valley) is a purpose-built platform for law firms that uses advanced AI and automation to provide a single glass pane view for the entire invoice lifecycle allowing firms to reduce day sales outstanding (DSO) and write-offs by re-invented billing, smart collections and integrated payments.

Since its launch in 2019, the LawTech Hub has been a catalyst behind the legal industry’s transformation in Australia. For instance, an electronic briefing solution developed in partnership with the LawTech Hub in 2019 is now used by over 70% of Australia’s top 50 commercial law firms.
Zero equity is taken from the participants of the LawTech Hub. The program is Lander & Rogers’ pro bono contribution to the legal tech ecosystem.

The LawTech Hub’s esteemed alumni comprises a roster of leading legal tech startups from around the globe who have collectively raised tens of millions in venture capital, made successful exits through lucrative acquisitions, and established partnerships not only with Lander & Rogers but also with other influential firms and adjacent legal-world entities. Their achievements underscore the LawTech Hub’s commitment to fostering innovative ideas and catalysing transformation within the legal industry.

Lochie Bourke, the co-founder of NetNada, an alumnus from 2022 who raised seed capital during the LawTech Hub program, said, “My favourite part has been the mentoring and coaching provided by the LawTech Hub and the support provided to us as we grew and figured things out on the run. It also enabled us to grow our networks in the legal tech space.”

The team from DraftWise, who also participated in the 2022 program said, “The LawTech Hub gave us a lot of access to the Landers’ lawyers. It was great for sincere feedback that led to meaningful product improvements.”

The 2023 LawTech Hub will conclude at the end of October.

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