Why you can’t miss business event for growth

CommBank SmallBiz Week is Australia’s largest and most anticipated SME event of the year!

The three-day program is packed with events and functions specifically designed for small-to-medium businesses to take strategic action to improve their businesses, to learn from industry experts, meet best in class vendors/suppliers, celebrate Australian small business and network to build important relationships.

CommBank SmallBiz Week 2023 will be held on 23 – 25 May at Marvel Stadium, Docklands, Melbourne.

This year’s interactive forum and sessions will deliver relevant insights, case studies and market intelligence on how to win business, help navigate critical challenges, and how to shape your own business strategies and future decisions.

Some of the topics covered include:

Growing a business with ZERO budget

Join this keynote for an insightful keynote from the CEO of The Party People, a successful family business that grew from humble beginnings to become a thriving retail empire. Learn how they pioneered in retail without a massive investment, became Google’s first advertiser, and leveraged business hacks to grow without spending a dime.

Dean Salakas, Chief Party Dude, The Party People
  • How The Party People scaled their business with zero budget
  • The lessons learned from becoming Google’s first advertiser
  • Business hacks most companies are not using to grow their business without it costing a cent
  • Practical tips for bootstrapping your business and achieving success

Starting a business from scratch

Join this keynote as we hear from a renowned entrepreneur who started their own successful business from scratch and scaled it to new heights. This keynote will inspire and educate attendees on the process of turning an idea into a thriving business.

Justus Hammer, Co-Founder, Group Chief Executive Officer, & Executive Director, Mad Paws
  • Identifying and validating a market opportunity
  • Building a strong team and company culture
  • Finding and securing funding
  • Scaling a business sustainably
  • Navigating challenges and obstacles along the way

Maintaining market fit: the keys to long-term profitability

Join this keynote for an engaging keynote from a major marketing leader and CMO on maintaining market fit in today’s ever-changing business landscape. Discover the key strategies for success, including:

Dan Ferguson, CMO, Adore Beauty
  • Knowing your customer: Understanding their needs and preferences to deliver targeted marketing messages and personalized experiences.
  • Positioning for success: Identifying your unique value proposition and communicating it effectively to your target audience
  • Responding to market shifts: Staying agile and adaptable to changes in consumer behaviour, industry trends, and emerging technologies.
  • Disruptions and emerging trends: Embracing disruption and leveraging emerging trends to stay ahead of the competition and maintain market relevance.

Why you should be obsessed with your customers

In today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever to put your customers at the centre of your business strategy. Join our panel of experts as they share their insights on why customer-centricity is the key driver of growth and profits. We’ll explore the latest trends, strategies, and best practices for building a customer-obsessed culture and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

  • How customers can make your brand go viral and drive profits
  • How to use customer data to drive business decisions
  • Best practices for gathering and using customer feedback to drive innovation
  • Examples of companies that have successfully embraced customer obsession
  • The role of technology in enabling a customer-centric business model
Amal Wakim, CEO & Co-Founder, Equalution
William Mailer, Chief Behavioural Scientist, Commonwealth Bank
Mike Halligan, Co-Founder, Scratch Dog Food
Shira Levine, Chief Community Officer, Nextdoor Australia

The Future of Work: how AI and emerging tech will change business

Join this panel discussion with leaders in emerging technology to discover how automation and AI will affect your business. Are you tired of wasting hours on manual tasks? The future of work is here and it’s all about embracing technology to get your staff working on big-picture ideas and strategy instead of repetitive tasks. Get ahead of digital trends and solutions, learn about the skills required for success, and explore strategies for implementing a digital culture.

  • Explore the latest trends in automation and AI
  • Learn about the skills required for success in a digital world
  • Discover strategies for implementing a digital culture in your organization
  • Get ahead of the competition by embracing emerging technology
  • Network with industry leaders and innovators
Susan Brown, Partner, Deloitte Digital
Dr Nataliya Ilyushina, Research Fellow, Blockchain Innovation Hub RMIT University

Get your tickets now and don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn, connect and grow at CommBank SmallBiz Week 2023.


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