For the first time: more Aussie women are investing in crypto than men

According to a new report by BTC Markets, an Australian bitcoin and cryptocurrency firm, last fiscal year saw a 175 per cent rise in female users, overshadowing the 80 per cent increase it saw in male users.

The report, which analyses the meta data on BTC’s platform for the previous financial year, suggests that women had a “structured trading strategy…with a smaller range of more focused positions.”

The report also reveals that the portfolio size of its female users were on average $400 less than male users.

“Playing with the risk averse narrative, women investors appear more likely to self-custody compared to their male counterparts,” the report says.

“This deduction is based on initial deposits, plus trading activity coupled with average portfolio size on our exchange. As more women invest, the industry becomes more representative of the investment community as a whole. That in turn advances its reputation as an asset class that can sit alongside other traditional investments.”

“More women trading cryptocurrency dispels stereotypes around cryptocurrency investors being risk lovers.”

Once seen as an area dominated by men, the cryptocurrency space has increasingly gained mainstream appeal.

Last week, global cryptocurrency exchange Gemini launched a report that forecasts 2022 as the year the crypto gender gap in Australia may close. The Global State of Crypto Report surveyed nearly 30,000 adults across 20 countries and found that almost half of Australians planning to start investing in crypto in 2022 are women. Currently, in Australia, female crypto investors make up 27 per cent of the industry. The Gemini report found that 43 per cent of respondents who plan to start investing in crypto this year were women.


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