Crypto advertising 101

Learning how to advertise cryptocurrency is all about gaining an understanding, and then implementing a cross-platform strategy. 50% isn’t really an option, as any shortfall in your marketing plan can mean decreased cut-through of the strategy as a whole.

We have assembled this guide on how to advertise cryptocurrency with the aim of educating the space as to what it takes to create a click-funnel, and actually Digital Marketing expertise can be implemented on the Crypto vertical as with any other vertical market.

Crypto Marketing is ultimately built around the following five principles:
– On-Page Content
– Off-Page Content
– Social Media Management
– Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads
– Guerilla/Unconventional Plays

On-Page Content

This is exactly as it says on the tin. Any on-page content is content you own, within your own website structure or landing pages. This should be optimised to ensure your messaging is clear, and search engines can read your metadata. Analysis of your On-Page content can come in the form of an SEO Audit. Addressing any content issues can then be carried out by crypto copywriters.

Off-Page Content

A good off-page strategy is key in order to drive traffic to your proposition from websites or platforms that you do not have ownership of. When used properly and synergised with Crypto SEO, off-page practices can exponentially increase your traffic through not just the content, but rankings increases on search engines too. Content topics and ideas should be conceptualised and then adopted across all your off-page content.

Social Media Management

Crypto social media marketing is crucial in order to keep communities and potential buyers alike informed as to your latest roadmap updates or news developments. Having socials work in tandem with off-page ensures that your content gets maximum readership. A good organic posting strategy provides trust and keeps your users informed, with certain clients also able to run ads subject to permits. Coinpresso can access permits for clients/projects that qualify.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

PPC campaigns must be run by a specialist to ensure maximum ROI. Google is very good at painting a picture that your ads are running effectively, when in reality they are bleeding your budget for 0 conversions. That being said, Crypto Ads on Google are highly effective when campaigns are optimised and a variety of ad sets run, with exchanges and crypto apps getting particular value out of the PPC arena. 

Again, you have to have the right permits – something we can help with!

Guerilla/Unconventional Plays

This is a natural one. Anyone taking money for guerilla marketing is arguably a scammer.

The very nature of Guerilla marketing requires it to be organic. In order for something to go viral, it must be original – and not without an element of risk.

That’s why guerilla stuff is best carried out by the community. Sure, you can inspire it and maybe bail them out of jail when it ends in a few hours banged up for that unlucky someone, but actually – the best guerilla plays (and the stuff that goes viral) is higher risk, whilst showing outside-the-box thinking. It’s usually best carried out by die-hard fanatics too, as they are doing it with the project and their community in mind as opposed to paid interest. 

Guerilla should be cheap or free, and definitely isn’t a paid service that agencies should be taking $6k a month for and ‘botting’ fake posts. Won’t mention any names.

We love to help with conceptualisation for Guerilla stuff, but actually it’s a constant test of stuff that doesn’t work to find the one thing that eventually goes viral. This is a natural, organic process by its very nature.

Source: Coinpresso, Liam Quinlan-Stamp


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