Fintech Minster Jane Hume defends crypto against ‘fearful’ authorities

Jane Hume, the Digital Economy Minister of Australia, validated the crypto space saying that it is not a “fad”, and suggesting the government to be open to upcoming tech innovations. Senator Hume made the statements while addressing the Australian Financial Review’s Super and Wealth Summit in Sydney. The minister has further asked the Australian government to forge a trail into the crypto world before other nations adopt the culture leaving the land down under behind. Caution, not fear should be the approach towards the crypto space, Hume said.

“I commend industry for embracing innovation and developments in this space, particularly around blockchain. As an industry, and as a government, we need to acknowledge this is not a fad. We should tread cautiously, but not fearfully,” news portal InnovationAus quoted Hume as saying. “Decentralised finance underpinned by blockchain technology will present incredible opportunities – Australia mustn’t be left behind by fear of the unknown.”

Hume’s support for crypto comes at a direct attack on a Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) official, who last week warned people against the crypto space, actually calling it a “fad”.

As per a report by SkyNews, Tony Richards, the head of payments at the RBA believes young investors should not get into the crypto space amid risks of price collapses.

“Some surveys have claimed that around 20 percent of the Australian population hold cryptocurrencies, and one claimed that Dogecoin alone was held by five percent of Australians. I must say that I find these statistics somewhat implausible,” a report by Financial Review had quoted Richards as saying.

The crypto adoption scene seems to be caught amid a turmoil in Australia, where authorities and oppositions are locking horns regarding the legitimacy of the crypto space.

Earlier in October, a finance committee tabled a report in the Australian parliament, focussing on new licensing regimes, tackling environmental problems related to crypto mining, and addressing the growing issue of debanking.

Recently, the CEO of Australia’s largest bank, Commonwealth Bank also predicted larger risks in not getting entering the digital asset industry timely and has signed partnerships with leading crypto players.

As per research firm StatistaBitcoin is the leading crypto-token in Australia and diversifying investment portfolio is the main reason why people are investing in cryptocurrencies there.

The government of several countries around the world including India are sceptical about the crypto space. Some of the main reasons of concerns include the “unregulated and independent” nature of cryptocurrencies taking away the powers of central banks, the high energy consumption of crypto-mining, as well as the misuse of these untraceable digital assets for anti-social purposes like terror financing.

By Radhika Parashar, Gadgets 360


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